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Semiconductors, Microelectronics & Data Storage Applications

The demand for ever more sophisticated and intelligent systems whether that is in the home, in a car or in the palm of your hand drives the relentless development in all aspects of the semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Whether analysing a defect in a device for power distribution in an electric car, the through silicon interconnects in a system in package (SIP) device or the abundance and chemistry of contaminant particles in a fabrication process it is important to have the tools available to solve any challenge.

Application Notes

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Contamination Investigation on PCBs

This application note demonstrates a SEM based solution combined with EDS for the detection and characterisation of contamination on two PCB samples in the analysis of the failures of PCBs.

LayerProbe - Analysing Flexible Electronics

LayerProbe enables the analyst to separate the contributions of the substrate and the structures and enables measurements of the thickness and composition at high resolution and in a non-destructive manner.

Applying nanomanipulation to the EBSD analysis of a gold wire

This application note describes a method of combining Oxford Instrument’s OmniProbe tools and AZtec EBSD system for the manipulation and analysis of a 5μm diameter gold microelectronic wire sample.

Analysing a NAND Flash memory device using low kV EDS

The combination of X-Max Extreme with GeminiSEM 500 provides a uniquely convenient and powerful imaging and analysis tool for investigating the morphology and chemistry of nano-structures down to less than 10nm. Using the example of ferrocerium nano-particles and GaInAs quantum dots this capability is demonstrated in practice…

EBSD Applications in the Electronics Industry

This application note provides several brief examples of the use of the EBSD technique and, in particular, the Symmetry S2 detector and the AZtecCrystal data processing software, for the effective characterisation of microstructures in a range of microelectronics samples.

High quality TEM lamella preparation and on-tip analysis using LayerProbe and the OmniProbe 400

Here we present a new technique that enables measurement of the local thickness and composition of TEM lamellae and discuss its application to the failure analysis of semiconductor devices.


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